Penny for your genes!

The NHS National Genetics Education and Development Centre in collaboration with the West Midlands Regional Genetics Services will be at iDNA Think Tank from Tues 23rd to Friday 26th OctoberIDNA_225px

Targeting bored kids and their parents NGEDC have planned a programme of actvities including exploring the impact of genetic technology and genomic medicine on your health, creating your own fantasy family, and exploring the autosominal traits of magic!

Located on Level 2, Millennium Point (by Thinktank entrance)

Visitors will also be able to:

Search a crime scene, collect the DNA evidence – can you catch the murderer?

Compare your genetic characteristics with those of other visitors.

Find out how similar we are to apes and Neanderthals and explore how understanding genetics is improving healthcare.

 IDNA offers visitors the chance to challenge their own perceptions of current genome research and have a say in the future policy of a science that will affect our lives. Funded by The Wellcome Trust, the UK’s largest charity, the exhibition is the result of a partnership between Ecsite-uk, the UK network of science centres and museums, and At-Bristol, a leading science centre in the UK, with scientific support from the world renowned Sanger Institute in Cambridge. Visitors can explore the role of genes and environment in human biology and health. It is an accessible and neutral platform to help people make informed choices at both personal and societal levels.