Sample family pedigree

New e-learning resource – Using Genetic Family Histories in Dermatological Practice

New e-learning resource for Dermatologists – Using Genetic Family Histories in Dermatological Practice

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new e-learning session which is designed to help Dermatologists:

Screenshot from dermatology e-learning module- to develop their skills in taking and interpreting a genetic family history, and
- to consider the relevance of genetic testing and family management within their specialised area.

Dermatologists will see patients with conditions which have a genetic basis. Some will have rare alterations in a single gene, others will involve several genetic factors acting together with environmental influences. Others may be due to chromosome anomalies.

This introductory module works through three case scenarios in order to highlight the importance of identifying families with inherited conditions and the basis of different modes of inheritance. Additionally, the module covers the clinical indications for requesting a genetic test and when individuals or families might benefit from specialist genetic referral.

This new resource has been developed by the NHS National Genetics Education Centre in association with e- Learning for Health (e-LfH) as part of their dermatology training programme. The module is freely available via the ‘Dermatology sample sessions’ page on the eLFH website and also to NHS staff with an e-LfH account.