Centre launches new mobile website

Centre mobile website homepage screenshotWe are delighted to announce the launch of a mobile version of the Centre’s website. Visitors to the Centre website using their smartphone will now be automatically directed to the new mobile site at m.geneticseducation.nhs.uk, which provides core genetics and genomics information and a user experience tailored to the visitor’s device.

In this first version of the mobile site, smartphone users can browse information about genetic conditions, taking a family history, genomic healthcare and about how conditions are inherited. Videos demonstrating different modes of inheritance of genetic conditions are also available. Plans are in place to add further content to the mobile site in the coming months.

Why develop a mobile site?

We have devised the mobile site so that our visitors can quickly and easily access vital information about genetics and genetic conditions on their phone. Increasingly, in line with general national trends, people are visiting our website using their smartphone. In 2012, 76% of UK smartphone users browsed the internet with their device [1]. It is estimated that in 2013 over 48% of the UK population will use a smartphone [2].

Our website stats were showing us that when visitors to the site were acccessing it over a phone they were effectively turning away at the door, as our desktop website was not providing visitors with a mobile-friendly experience. So we felt that it was important to improve the experience for visitors using smartphones. Thanks to some excellent, rapid development work by the Centre’s web and e-learning developer, Tim Packwood, the mobile site was put together in a matter of weeks in June.

How we will make more of our content mobile?

The mobile site provides visitors with a small sub-set of the Centre’s content. In the coming months we will add information about more genetic conditions to the site, in addition to adding new sections about the basics of genetics and genetic testing. And in the coming year we intend to work further on our desktop website so that it, with its vast body of content, works better for visitors on mobile devices, both tablets and phones.


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