New free-to-use image collection on Flickr

The National Genetics and Genomics Education Centre has published a collection of free-to-use genetics and genomics images.

The collection is available on the image-hosting website Flickr, and is the first time the Centre has gathered its best illustrations, infographics and diagrams in one place for anyone to conveniently download and use. 

So whether you’re explaining cell, chromosome and DNA structure in a teaching presentation, a student illustrating an assignment on rare diseases, or perhaps a healthcare professional showing a patient how autosomal dominant inheritance works, take a look at what our image collection has to offer.

DNA diagramShare and share alike

The Centre’s images have been published on Flickr under a creative commons licence, which means that they can be published and shared by anyone, with the understanding that NHS National Genetics and Genomics Education Centre is credited as the source.

Flickr conveniently provides each image in a range of different sizes. When you’ve found an image you want to download, click on it to open it to full screen. Then simply hit the ‘More’ button (displayed as three white dots) in the bottom right corner of the window and select ‘View all sizes’. You will then see a number of size options to choose from and download.

View the Centre’s image collection here.