New standards for genetics and genomics in clinical practice

Guidelines for non-genetics health professionals updated to include genomic healthcare

The NGGEC is pleased to announce that the suite of National Occupational Standards (NOS) covering Genetics and Genomics in Clinical Practice for non-genetics Healthcare Professionals have been published and are available on the NGGEC website and the Skills for Health Competences database.

Following discussions and deliberations with genomics experts and clinicians, and a sector-wide consultation, the original 2007 workforce competences were revised to reflect genomics knowledge, understanding and skills applicable to the roles of non-genetics health professionals in clinical practice.

The Genetics and Genomics NOS have been approved by the UK Council for Employment and Skills, and are referenced to the generic patient pathway, a framework recognised by all clinicians:


Further information and details may be found in the NOS Frequently Asked Questions page. For any clarification, please email project lead Sandie Gay.