NGGEC merges with National School of Healthcare Science

Move secures future of educational resources and staff expertise to support HEE genomic education strategy

The National Genetics and Genomics Education Centre (NGGEC) is in the process of change as the era of genomic healthcare gathers pace.

The Centre was established in 2005 with time-limited funding from the Department of Health to take forward recommendations of the 2003 White Paper ‘Our inheritance, our future – realising the potential of genetics in the NHS’.

A decade later, as part of the policy for sustainability provided for in the Human Genome Strategy Group’s 2012 report, ‘Building on our inheritance: genomic technology in healthcare’, the Centre will be integrated into the National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS) from 1 June 2014.

Genomics education for healthcare professionals and scientists will be managed at the School under the auspices of Health Education England (HEE). This will secure the future of educational resources developed by the Centre and allow the expertise of its staff to be integral to the HEE Genetics Education programme. Additionally, the change will support Genomics England’s 100K Genome Project and the vital and ongoing workforce transformation programme.

The NSHCS is situated within Health Education West Midlands (HEWM), and the NGGEC will move to the HEWM site in Birmingham at the end of May.

Ten years on from where it began, the NGGEC can look back on the achievements it has made in improving the understanding of genetics among healthcare professionals through:

  • developing resources for learners, clinicians and educators;
  • producing learning outcomes and national occupational standards;
  • achieving the adoption of these outcomes and standards into specialist curricula;
  • supporting educators through its ‘Training the trainers’ programme; and
  • raising awareness of genetics and genomics in healthcare through its events, conferences, articles, website and social media activity.

Professor Peter Farndon CBE, who established the Centre, has stepped down as director. It has principally been through Peter and the team’s commitment, energy and enthusiasm for educational communication that the achievements of the Centre are valued throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

The NGGEC will continue to provide educational resources via its website: and through its Twitter channel: Enquiries can be directed to: