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Would you like to learn more about taking and drawing a family history?


For a set of individual conditions there is a 'practising' video where you can draw the family history whilst watching the patient scenario and an 'observing' video which enables you to watch the family history being drawn by the professional as they ask the relevant questions.  A blank worksheet is provided for you to use with both videos.  If you are unable to access the videos why not use the condition specific worksheets which have the details of the family history included, together with a blank space for students to draw out how they think the family history pedigree should look.  All resources can be used for your own learning or they can be used in a classroom situation when teaching how to draw a family history.

If you would like to have a DVD of all the practising and observing videos for teaching purposes please contact us.


Quiz activities


A series of quizzes and crossword puzzles which you can use as part of your teaching, each supplied as a question and answer sheet which you can photocopy for your students.  Also included is an e-learning quiz to test your students understanding of the symbols and relationship lines used in drawing a family history.  The quiz is available online and students can undertake this in their own time.  In the lesson plans section you will find some examples of how these resources have been used within a structured teaching session.