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Lesson plans

The plans can be used as a complete session and can be adapted to your personal teaching needs/student group.  You can also extract the short individual sections to include in your teaching.


cellsIntroduction to genetics for beginners

An introduction to basic genetic concepts and links to health, for individuals who have had minimal experience of genetics.
Length: 60 minutes


Using-pedigree-templateModes of inheritance

Explores patterns of inheritance and how individuals and families perceive chance and risk.
Length: 60 minutes


Drawing-family-historyTaking and drawing a family history

An introduction to taking and drawing a family history, using scenarios to explore the possible significance to the family.
Length: 60 minutes


studentGenetics for general practitioner speciality trainees

A teaching session which addresses the key components of the RCGP Curriculum statement 3.02 ‘Genetics in Primary Care’. The content of this session is suggestive only and can be modified to meet the particular needs of individual groups.
Length: 3 hours


ethicsEthical issues in genetics and genomics - considering how people make decisions

An interactive session to enable health professionals to explore how decision making, when dealing with genetic and genomic information, might occur.
Length: 90 minutes


Food labelThe genetics of obesity

A session on the genetics of obesity to incorporate into wider obesity education.
Length: 20 minutes


Practice nurseGenetics for practice nurses

An introduction to genetics and genomics for practice nurses.
Length: 1 hour 45 minutes