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Communicating information


As a practising health professional, you will be continually developing your communication skills as part of your role. So are there any special considerations or tips on how to help patients understand genetic information? And the implications for the family? This section is about highlighting aspects of genetic information which might benefit from special consideration during the communication process.

They include:

What do patients receiving genetic information expect from a healthcare professional?

We conducted a survey of patients who had received genetic information and asked how (with the benefit of hindsight) they would like a health professional to act when giving genetic information.

A PDF document

The experiences and preferences of people receiving genetic information from healthcare professionals

Use this report to understand patients' views on receiving genetic information from a range of healthcare professionals.


Sharing rare condition information

Alastair Kent, Genetic Alliance UK

In this video Alastair Kent explains why it is so important that doctors looking after people with rare conditions share information. Length: 1 minute 50 seconds.


Patients and families suggested that they wanted their health professional to: