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The patient pathway



Information about a patient’s genetic make-up (often referred to as genomic information these days) can make a helpful contribution to clinical care for some patients and families.

In caring for their patients, healthcare workers in all specialties:

So where might genomic information be helpful in this pathway?

So how can a health worker make sure that any underlying genetic causes of the condition can be taken into account?

In particular, it is important to identify those patients and families who have a condition where there is a major genetic component. Asking the following questions may be helpful:

The knowledge, skills and attitudes underlying nine of the genetics activities which non-genetics healthcare staff may find helpful have been developed into workforce competences/national occupational standards.  If any of the following form part of your role it may be worthwhile your looking at the helpful detail in the competence about how to deliver the activity in practice.

Key resources for the patient pathway

Identifying patients

A PDF document

Taking and Drawing a Family History (Complete series)

Use this series of eight factsheets, two cancer scenarios and a crossword puzzle to learn how to systematically collect and record multi-generational family history information.


Clinical management

A PDF document

How is genetics relevant to my role?

This factsheet comprises a set of nine questions that can be used to help you identify how genetics may be relevant to your role. Examples describe how other healthcare professionals have used these activities in their clinical settings.


A PDF document

Making a referral to your Regional Genetics Centre (Genetic activities in practice)

A summary of how to refer a patient to a genetics centre.


A PDF document

What does a patient need to know about a referral to the genetics service? (Genetic activities in practice)

A summary of the information patients need to know when they are referred to a genetics service.


Communicating genetic information

A PDF document

Key tips for taking and drawing a genetic family history in clinical practice

This factsheet provides some helpful tips for taking and drawing a genetic family history.


A PDF document

Talking to patients about genetics - what words should I use?

This table provides some suggestions as to terms used when discussing genetic conditions with patients, and some alternatives which patients say they prefer.