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Translational genomics

The path from genomic insight to clinical applications, licensed drugs and treatment decisions through case-examples


The Centre organised a meeting of international and national experts to consider developments in translational genomics, particularly focusing on case examples of drugs and interventions that have made successful transitions to the market or clinic. Held in January 2013 at the Royal College of Physicians, the programme included pharmacogenetic testing, gene therapy, potentially personalised monoclonal antibodies, the validation of biomarkers that are predictive of drug-response, health technology assessment of such biomarkers (companion diagnostics), and the educational challenges presented by this fast expanding field. As well as presentations, the discussions considered policy implications (particularly for the NHS) and considered topics such as the impact on public health, clinical practice and commissioning; comparative effectiveness and value for money; and post-marketing surveillance.

Presenters agreed that the event could be recorded and transcripts and edited powerpoint slides and pdfs made available. This slides and pdfs are being checked and will be posted here as each presenter confirms final agreement, or the Centre will post a summary of their presentations.

Introduction by Sir Richard Thompson

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Sir Richard Thompson

President, Royal College Of Physicians

Length: 1 minute 48 seconds

Introduction to Clinical Pharmacogenomics

Clinical Pharmacogenomics: Implications of new developments for the NHS

Professor Munir Pirmohamed

Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, NHS Chair of Pharmacogenetics

Length: 33 minutes 7 seconds

Translational Genomics: Developments of personalised medicine

IRESSA: A case-study in personalised medicine in the management of lung cancer

Dr Rose McCormack


Length: 26 minutes 19 seconds

Stratified Medicine at Cancer Research UK

Professor Peter Johnson

Chief Clinician, Cancer Research UK

Length: 25 minutes 18 seconds

HTA of companion diagnostics: Informing the NHS

Dr Elisabeth George

Associate Director - Appraisals, National Institute for Health and Clinical excellence

Length: 26 minutes 40 seconds

Gene therapy and therapeutic gene editing: What are the predictors of success?

Professor Bobby Gaspar

Professor of Padeiatrics and Immunology, UCL Institute of Child Health

Length: 36 minutes 6 seconds

Policy implications and future directions for translational genomics

Impact on patients

Alastair Kent

Director, Genetic Alliance UK

Length: 10 minutes 7 seconds

Impact on patients

Dr Vanessa Potter

Consultant Oncologist, Nottingham University Hospitals

Length: 5 minutes 14 seconds

Impact on healthcare products regulation

Dr June Raine

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

Length: 6 minutes 34 seconds

Impact on genomic medicines

Professor Adrian Towse

Director, Office of Health Economics

Length: 5 minutes 10 seconds

Impact on industry

Dr Mike Hardman


Length: 3 minutes 14 seconds

Impact on the Department of Health

Dr Mark Bale

Department of Health

Length: 7 minutes 19 seconds

Impact on the genetics laboratory

Professor Mike Griffiths

Director, West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory

Length: 5 minutes 11 seconds

Impact on medical students

Professor Patrick Maxwell

Dean, Cambridge University Medical School

Length: 7 minutes

Implications for pharmacy education

Professor Rex Tyrell

Head, School of Pharmacy, University of Bath

Length: 3 minutes 17 seconds